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I have been working with Giannone Companies for MANY years.
We have had nothing but excellent results. They have stepped up in ways we weren't sure were possible. We asked them to go above and beyond and they met or exceeded our expectations.
They even expanded their coverage area per request due to their excellent results.
If there ever was a problem, Giannone Companies is on top of it and addresses the problem in the proper, legal way. Their communication is perfect as well, it's never hard to get in touch with them. They have been wonderful to work with and are our first choice for an agent in that area! ( We would choose them for every area if we could.)


Resolvion is delighted to share our experience of working with Giannone Companies. over the past six years. Their dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to excellence have made them an invaluable partner in our business.

Giannone Companies has consistently demonstrated exceptional proficiency in locating collateral. Their reliable and efficient services have greatly contributed to our confidence in the repossession process. No matter the complexity of our needs, we have always been able to trust Giannone's to deliver results promptly and effectively.

Carmen, in particular, has been a pleasure to work with. His extensive knowledge of repossession laws has been instrumental in ensuring that our processes not only meet but exceed regulatory standards. His professionalism and attention to detail have made our collaboration seamless and worry-free.

We wholeheartedly recommend Giannone Companies to anyone seeking top-notch collateral recovery services. We look forward to continuing this prosperous collaboration for years to come.


ALS Resolvion

Giannone is a great reliable, efficient, hardworking recovery agent to work with.  We had a situation where another agent in their local area was holding units and Giannone were willing to drop everything to assist us in getting our collateral back and even offered alternate solutions.  Our internal teams enjoy working with Giannone and appreciate the quick and prompt responses.  I just would like to thank Giannone Companies for their partnership and all that they do!


Location Services 


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